Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 26

So it's the 1st day of the new week and WM is on "lock down" again! LOL! WTF!? The 1st 6 months went so smooth and all of a sudden 2 lockdowns in a couple weeks. Hmm... this time at least I actually did somethin'. This guard was being a prick, so I told him to "fuck off" and called him a "fat ass." But wtf? #1, why is he being a dick? And #2, why doesn't the Sheriff's Department hold their employees to some type of physical fitness standards? Fat fucks like him make all cops look bad and I'm willing to bet no one likes him at work anyway. How could they? Why would you respect someone that has no self-respect? I DGAF, if a man gets so fat that he no longer can see his dick, he's worthless. Anyway, his rebuttal was, "at least I'm a productive member of society." LMAO! Any lame fuck can eat himself fat and in turn ruin his own self worth and never go out... So he never can get in trouble and can get a job babysitting grown men at the county jail. LOL! I guarantee I pay more taxes than him, so as far as society goes, just cuz I got in a bar fight and am in jail for a year, doesn't make him a more "productive member of society" than me. Oh, and he said, "at least I'm not dumb." I forgot we were back in grade school, who says that? But yeah, I'm sure his fat ass could have maintained a 3.7 GPA at The Citadel as a biology major too.

Anyway, enough of fat boy. I kinda like being on lock down... No celly, room service at meal time, and no celly! The only part that sucks is no visits. And I'm sure my wife is gonna be mad again but then again why get married if you can't piss your wife off when you have nothing better to do? Haha. Fuck... so sick of this shit... really can't wait to be home! So I just got a copy of my write up and the Dep. lied his ass off and even said that I threatened to kick his ass! WTF!? I was a lil' worried about it considering last time I got 5 days for just about nothing. But man, the Sgt. came to talk to me and he was actually fair. He came in here talking like a human... It was nice to see. And the funniest/best part was when I told him I got 5 days for my last one and he was like, "What!? Seriously?" LMAO! He said, "Well I'm def. not gonna give you 5 days, that's rather excessive." Anyway, he also told me that I need to control my temper, which of course I know... I really try though, but fuck it's hard. Being in jail is trying on you. I'm rather proud I haven't lost it yet. If it wasn't for the cool Deps. here, like that Sgt., I dunno what I'd do. The assholes really taint your image of them and make you hate them all, but then a nice one gets on duty and relieves that tension. I guess it just goes to show, once again, that you can't categorize people. You can't hate ALL cops, ALL blacks, ALL Jews, etc.

Good & bad people follow no real pattern, even laws. There are a few inmates here that are really good people. Shit, they'd make better Deps. than some of the ones here. So even as "criminals" go, they can't be categorized. Just because one has avoided breaking a law doesn't make them a good person. Shit, we all know dirt bags that have never been to jail. Just think of some of the people you work with or an ex-friend that fucked you over. Why is there no law against screwing your friend over? Someone who betrays a friend is def. more of a "bad person" than one who gets a DUI, or gets into a bar fight, at least in my book anyway.

So, Jr. Seau's brother was in here for a week, he was real cool. He said he was gonna sign up at my gym here in San Diego when he gets out, so we will see. Fuck man, there is some new guy in here that I can't stand. He's a big, muscly White guy and all he talks about is how "skilled he is and blah blah. He's one of those guys that trains under some bad ass "master" who gets paid like 15 G's an hour to travel and train people. But of course, I would have never heard of him because "he only does underground fights." LMAO!! I can't stand phony ass dudes... Anyone that randomly talks about how "skilled" and bad ass they are never live up to it. Plus, big guys rarely have any heart anyway. Their whole lives, they never get challenged and everyone just backs down to them due to their size, so when the time comes that someone cracks them, they freak out and fold. Shit, even in MMA, heavyweights are the worst. Alright, I'm out, see ya next week.
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  1. Don't worry Jon, when you get out of prison you can sell your story and make $$$$$$.